Shipping and Returns

All products sold by Gold Star Audio are new, first quality brand name merchandise unless expressed obviously otherwise. All products purchased from Gold Star Audio are warranted. Most companies will honor the factory warranty however in a case where a manufacturer will not warranty an item purchased online it will then be covered under our warranty as follows. The warranty periods are as follows 2 years from the invoice date on all electronics including amplifiers, source units, and capacitors. The warranty period on speakers and subwoofers will also be honored for a period of 3 years from the invoice date. Due to the fact some Manufacturers will not warranty internet sales we have increased the usual warranty periods, but will stand behind the quality of these products for the periods listed above. Remember a warranty is a protection on a product in which you are protected in case of any defects in the workmanship of the product due to a manufacturer error or mistake. A warranty does not cover errors or mistakes due to improper installation and other problems associated with the item when handled by the customer. We may also handle the warranty one of three other ways. We may Repair, Replace, or Refund at our discretion. This means we may send a brand new item in exchange of the defective one. If we replace items with other brand new merchandise we no longer obligate ourselves to warranty it thereafter. If we decide, we may refund the purchase price if we believe something is wrong about the damage and how it occurred (we may choose to refund a lesser amount than the original purchase price, not to exceed 20% if the item has been used for a lengthy period of time or is missing ANY parts or literature - you will be given the option of this type of refund or a repair). We will Repair most defective items sent back to us. All items sent back for repair or replacement must be sent back freight pre-paid. All repaired or replaced merchandise will also be return shipped at the customers expense. We will only pay freight costs from us to the manufacturer. All other costs that are incurred are the responsibility of the customer. We do not intend to ship multiple returns which cost time and money due to abuse or installation errors. This only adds to the cost of the goods others may purchase. All items in need of warranty service must be designated an RA# before being returned. To obtain an RA# please contact us. Once an RA# is retained it will be the customers duty to ship the defective merchandise freight prepaid and insured back to Gold Star Audio with the RA# clearly visible on the exterior of the package. You must send the item back within 10 days of the RA being issued. If the RA# is not visible your item may be refused and in turn would be sent back to you. Make sure the package is insured even though the merchandise does not work or does not work properly as it could get stolen or further damaged during the return shipping. We will be in no way responsible for items returned uninsured.

No returns will be accepted without prior authorization. Shipping charges are not refundable and a 15% restocking fee will be added to all refunded purchases. All items must be shipped freight prepaid and double-boxed with the Return Authorization number displayed on the exterior. All warranty items will be returned freight collect. A valid order number must be included with all returns and will be subject to a restocking fee of 15%. For a full refund (less shipping and handling), merchandise must be in "brand new" condition and be unopened, NO EXCEPTIONS. Returns will be credited at the price paid on the invoice (less any restocking fee and/or any shipping and handling fees). If no valid order number is included with the return, Gold Star Audio will issue credit at the current selling price or the price at the time of sale, whichever is lower. The item will not be sent out for repair until this fee has been paid for and received. All items must be returned complete and with all original parts/documentation. Any missing parts or damaged packaging will not be accepted under any circumstances. Items returned physically or cosmetically abused will not be accepted for credit. If defective, product will be repaired and returned in the same cosmetic condition in which it was received by us. If returning for credit the item must be able to be re-sold as new this includes the box, parts, manuals, etc. all unused in tact and in good shape.. If we receive the item in any other condition it will be refused and sent back.


If an item is found to be DOA it must be reported to us within 7 days of delivery and be sent back within 7 days with all parts included and intact. The item must be shipped back to us double boxed via UPS, FedEx, or Insured Mail. Upon receipt of the item back to us we will inspect the item and issue either a refund, a credit or send a new item at our discretion. The item must come back in PERFECT condition less the fact of it not working. We will need everything parts, box, manuals, and anything else that comes with the item to be sent back in the best possible condition mirroring how it was sent to you. Please follow these terms to make things smooth and quick during this process. Due to the fact that almost all DOA claims are out of our control we CANNOT issue credit on the initial freight charge that was applied when the item was shipped. This rule also applies to those who have chosen a faster more expensive delivery method.


If an item is in need of warranty work due to a Defect please notify us within 3 years from the invoice date for all speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and other electronics. The item must be shipped back to us freight pre-paid double boxed via UPS, FedEx, or Insured Mail. A copy of the Gold Star Audio order number must be included. Upon receipt of the defective item we will inspect then send it out to the manufacturer for repair. This usually takes a period of about 4-6 weeks for most items to be sent back to you. An estimate on the time can be given, but is not guaranteed. We will do our best to get items repaired and returned as quickly as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Upon receipt of the item from the manufacturer we will return it to the customer freight collect. We will not be held responsible for freight charges either way on any repairs or warranty situations.

Free Shipping

Orders are only eligible for free shipping if the order is to be shipped
within the continental United States unless otherwise pre-arranged.

Other possible complications

1. Our philosophy when starting the online sales was to give wholesale pricing direct to the knowledgeable do-it-yourselfer who would not need any advise from any third parties or dealers etc. In the event you are not a qualified installer we recommend you have all your items professionally installed by a reputable installation technician. In the past we have had problems with authorized dealers sabotaging product. If your product has been installed by an authorized dealer and is defective within 30 days of the installation we can only repair the item or reimburse you for the freight costs of the repair through the dealer/installer which may be a quicker resolution to the problem if the dealer agrees to do so for you.We will not refund or credit sales of the above mentioned.

*Remember burnt voice coils, (blackened, no continuity, melted adhesives, coil separated from the former, etc.) blown subwoofers/speakers, punctured or damaged surrounds, broken speaker terminals, bent, chipped or broken frames, ripped spiders or damaged back plates are not considered defects and will not be warranted.

2. Shipping Damage - Check your items within 24 hours of delivery for shipping damage. If there is damage notify us immediately as well as the shipping company (in most cases UPS). You can email or call us to report any such damage. We will file a claim and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Failure to do so within 3 days may deny the right to file any claim and will cause problems in the process. This is not us being difficult, but simply UPS policies.

4. Missing items - Check your items within 24 hours of delivery for any missing items or parts. Anything not reported within three days will not be considered missing. Also if you have not received the item after it has been shipped contact us. Do not report that you have not received an item weeks after you ordered it. It is just too hard for us to track and control. Check the tracking numbers and find out quickly. It is not our job or the job of the freight carrier to deliver something then have the customer say they never received it two weeks later.

Thank you,

Gold Star Audio

Abuse and/or Installation Error:

Gold Star Audio defines abuse as, but not limited to, burnt voice coils, (blackened, no continuity, melted adhesives, coil separated from the former, etc.) blown subwoofers/speakers, punctured or damaged surrounds, broken speaker terminals, bent, chipped or broken frames, ripped spiders or damaged back plates. Speakers submitted with any of the above will be considered out of warranty. Gold Star Audio shall not be held liable for incidental loss of use, installation or removal and reinstallation charges associated with defective or returned product. Products that have been improperly installed may not be covered by this or any other warranty. We highly recommend having all car stereo equipment professionally installed. All returns, exchanges and refunds are processed immediately upon receipt. Please allow 2 weeks from the time you return your item for your refund or exchange to arrive. If paid by credit card, please allow 2 billing cycles for your credit to appear on your statement.

All product names and company logos mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.


Models, features, pricing, terms and conditions of sale are subject to change without notice.

Note: Due to the popularity of people performing self installation on items they do not know how to install we can no longer warranty multiple item cases. For instance if you have three subwoofers and all three end up notworking, or you have four coaxial speakers and all of them produce no sound. Finally If you have an amplifier/speaker combination in which both have gone bad at or around the same time we can no longer help with these issues. We are more than happy to help customers that have an actual problem with an item not those who accidentally destroy their whole system then blame the product. If you have multiple problems consistently please realize the obvious (it might be your install!).

Please keep in mind these policies are not intended to scare anyone, but just to protect us from certain problem customers and/or situations.

Updated as of 10/18/2015